Worldly ways wallowing
In insufferable incineration, inseminating
The tainted transgression to
Cold calloused condemnations.
Harkening hallowed havens
In invigorating intonations, insinuating
Nihilistic notions notwithstanding
Growing guided grief.
Hours halt
Ominously, only
Undisturbed unending
Ruins rot.

Waking to the sound of parasites crawling,
I glance left and right for a light glowing softly.
The window pane is stained and worn,
Cold wind is knocking softly at my door
Heralding the coming hour of darkness and fleshed tears.
If only it were but a dream. I find only nightmares.
Never obtaining a justification for it all.
Guided only by flickers of light and painted dolls.
How can we stand to go on to dust,
Our own creations are reeling upon us.
Unending life seems to me so sour,
Reminiscing upon the hour.
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