I am Legion for we are many. My armor is Contempt, my shield is Deceit, and my sword is Hatred.  Baptized in blood and fear, I am the foundation and the spire. Forged in black fires and born of suffering I am bound. I am Legion. Legion to a Black Metal Empyre.
Empyre, formed by myself Aric Bathory in 2011. Its been a long and slow road. But its time to come back and show what this Black Metal Empyre is capable of.
Originally just a one man band Empyre was founded in 2011 with the hopes of creating something new. Dirt poor but with determination a cd was shit out. Gained a descent on-look, worthy of at least some note, yet not what I had in visioned (if I had in visioned anything at least) A few arduous years later and with much effort a follow up for Descent (2011) that will blow the previous CD out of the water in every way.

Helvete (2015)


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