Memories bleed through my skull
a reminder of my broken wings
that once lifted me, from here i fell
the pain is such a familiar thing

My wings had carried me through the sky
above the clouds away from pain
struck down and left to die
my wings were but tattered remains

And deformed my wings became
once more i began my ascent
past fire and torrents of rain
all reflecting my previous descent

And as i rose through the clouds wings spread
light shone upon them scarred and stained
i was struck down again and left for dead
my wings but tattered remains

"Why again" i screamed
no answer echoed back
hopes of light were but a dream
as my wings faded to black

My wings fluttered in the wind
cold and lifeless they fell to the floor
is this payment for my sins?
my wings to grow back no more

dark clouds filled the sky
bringing with it a cold and bitter rain
and in mute surrender i died
myself but tattered remains.
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